Saturday, August 11, 2018


Mum got out of the house today and went to the library and got some groceries.  Most importantly some temptations!! Last night we runned out.  She tried to give me some fishy flakes treats - nuh huh.  She tried to pass off some biscuits as treats - nuh huh.  Then she let me put my face in the nearly empty butter container - sort of ok.

I am much happier tonight.  I have a routine.  I like dinner early.  Anytime between 3pm-6pm suits me.  I then like a snooze.  I come out for snacks at 08.30pm.  I snooze again but come out and visit mum after 10pm to tell mum to come to bed.

We hope you got some treats on your Caturday too.


  1. Oh! What a lovely life you have Poppy!x
    Mum's not pulling the wool over your eyes
    when it comes to know your

    I've just had a little lunch..Salad sandwich
    and a packet of crisps...and some iced tea!
    That'll do me till later..l've got half a
    partridge to finish, new potatoes and salad.
    I seem to be eating a lot of salad..hope my
    ears don't get any bigger...HeHe! Bless!x

  2. I am glad your mum did the most important thing and replenished your treat supply.

  3. You are quite an organiser Poppy. I can’t tell if you take after mum or mum takes after you..
    So glad mum feeling up to an outing and books will make her happy. You are definitely Top Cat Poppy.
    Have you seen the hour film on choice on demand that is all about cats and dogs. So lovely it brought me to tears a couple of times.

  4. glad your mum is feeling a bit better. Books and rest will help her feel better.

  5. I'm glad your human was able to get out - and pick up some proper treats for you! I got lots of treats at the cat show this Caturday.