Thursday, August 16, 2018


Mum was very late coming home tonight as she had a long appointment at the hairdresser.  When she got home I was waiting outside crying out for her.  I was happy to get dinner and have a snuggle.

She had leftovers for dinner - some lamb, roast sweet potatoes and broccoli.  I had a feast so us girls are all ready to head to bed.  It is an exciting life we lead.


  1. And l see you still love your shopping bag Poppy!x
    I think you've become quite attached to it...Bless!

    I've just put my curry pot on the stove for to~night,
    given it a heat through..tastes and smells lovely!
    I'll enjoy that later, though l think a flannel next
    to me would be a good idea..just to wipe the sweat
    from my my curries are hot..very hot! Otherwise
    what's the point..! :).

    Well..let yo to get on to bed..sweetest dreams! And, yes,
    bed is an exciting place to be...! :o).

  2. We hope your mum loves her hair, given she disrupted your schedule, Poppy! :-)

    She must be feeling better, though, and we're very glad of that!

  3. What a good meal for your mum - and for you, too, Poppy. I wonder that you don’t want some of your mum’s food, at least to try.

  4. Sometimes a quick meal and early to bed is just the right thing to do.

  5. I guess you had a few things to say about your human being so late!

  6. Hopefully Mum is feeling lots better now Poppy Q. Yes I quite like the quieter life myself. Lovely to see you on your little shopping bag Poppy ... always think of you when Miss Pippi lays on my green recycling bag :-)