Monday, August 6, 2018


I am well trained in the art of sleep.  Mum got none last night as her throat was too sore.  Pain relief and other meds, vitamin C, soup and lots of water are helping a bit and mum is hoping for snoozes tonight.


  1. I think you pussy~cats have the sleep thing,
    off to a tee..! Off to a 'fine' art..! :).
    And..I see your still holding onto your
    shopping bag Poppy!x

    Mum seems to be doing all the right things,
    let's hope she will be better soon..! And
    get a few snoozes to~night..! :).

  2. Healing purrs to your mum. Sorry is is ailing.

  3. I hope your human continues to feel better with your help, Poppy. It sounds like she picked up a really nasty bug.

  4. Sore throats are both painful and annoying. I hope your mum feels better soon.

  5. Poppykins, I think must be the best medicine mum can have. Looking at that sweet face will cheer her up.
    Did she have the flu injection? No one in our house has had a cold or sore throat for 35 years.
    That is not to say we have our share of other things we could well do without.
    We are watering the garden like mad. Have already lost a tree to drought.
    We are only 45 kms (40 mins)from Christchurch where it rain hard yesterday but not a drop here.
    Looking at the heat in Europe is astounding. How I hope it won’t be like that this summer.

    Keep warm and safe mum. We are thinking of you sending good vibes xxx 🌈 🌻 🍋🍋🍋 🍇🍇

  6. Poppy, dear, please nudge your Mum toward her tea and honey pots! Strong black tea nicely laced with local honey is just the thing for a sore throat. It tastes good -- and it's good for her!