Saturday, August 18, 2018

Candle Caturday

Mum went out today , it sure was chilly.  Just when she was smug enough to think spring was arriving we got a cool blast from the Antarctic .  She stocked up on candles from her favourite shop.  So she was glad to get home tonight, pull the curtains, put the heaters on and light a new candle.

Now she is ready for bed.  She is going to check out a couple of recipes and make a list for what vegetables she needs at the market tomorrow.

We hope you have all had a nice Caturday and done something fun.


  1. That looks lovely and cosy, Poppy.

    Our Caturday is just beginning and our human has left us to run errands. Party time!

  2. I don't have candles Poppy!x I think they are a bit risky..
    about the house, especially with a pussy~cat...!
    I use use those fragrant oils..where you put sticks into a
    small bottle of liquid, and it runs up the stick and releases
    a sweet smell..well that's the idea! :).
    I think there called oil diffusers...

    I've been down town..usual visits to the charity shops, got
    back home, washing up bowl outside with some veg in..marrow,
    cucumber, runner beans, and some new potatoes..very nice to! :).
    Thankyou Neighbour...!!! :o).

  3. Poppy, you are so lucky to have candles lit at your house. My mum is so afraid she'll fall asleep and forget to blow them out.

  4. Spring can be cruel like that. You get a few nice days and then WHAM, the cold icky stuff comes back.

  5. It's good to have a cosy home to come back to. I hope you and your mum stay snug until spring really does arrive.

  6. Mum loves candles but, unfortunately, so do we. We’d burn our place down.