Sunday, August 5, 2018


I had to go and hide on the couch.  Mum has had restless sleeps and coughing all night and a nurse needs a good night's sleep to be able to keep up with her duties.


  1. Oh! Dear Poppy!x Sounds as if Mums got a bit worse! :(.
    Hope your giving her the right medication...And! And!
    Lots of cuddles! Bless!x

    Phew! I'm Busy! Busy! Done most things for the Barbecue..
    Starting at 3 o''s now nearly one, and Temp. is
    30 degrees..! :(. Never mind it'll be a fun day..! Hic! :).

    HeHe! Thank Mum for her e~mail..tell her l think l've
    become a 'Scroggin Slice' addict...! :). (=ʘᆽʘ=)

  2. Oh, it's never good when humans disturb our sleep, no matter what the reason. We hope tonight is better for both of you.

  3. I am so very sorry mum is so unwell again. It must be hell with having to look after yourself. Not you Poppy . I am sure you just do fine. Do you need antibiotics or is it a virus? Can you listen to the radio until you can read?
    Have lots of honey and ]emon drinks if you can get them Get a dr. If you need to.
    Have a “happy good world day.’ 🤢 🌷 🦉 🦉 🦉

  4. Tell your mum rest and fluids. We frequently overlook our first line of defense. We know it’s hard for our beans to take it easy when there is housework and such to do. We must remind them that housework and errands don’t buy us cat food. Hope your mum feel better soon.

  5. Yes, get your rest Miss Poppy. Not good when the mum's are feeling bad and tossing and turning all night.

  6. I hope your human gets better soon, Poppy!

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  8. We don't want you to be sick, too, Poppy.