Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Mum needed the taste of spring today.  She was a bit frustrated with some things but a walk to the library and seeing some colour in gardens made her day a bit better.  Patting me helped too.


  1. Nothing beats seeing flowers growing naturally Poppy!x
    Out in the fields, hedgerows and gardens..AND NOT! Cut
    and put into a silly vase on a windowsill..which cuts
    their lives in half..I consider it quite cruel..I really
    do..poor things..! HeHe! There! I've done my bit for the
    growing flowers..Bless!

  2. Sorry to hear mum not back to her usual self. Nothing like lovely spring flowers to help. I do so agree with Willie. As soon as you cut a flower it starts to die.Nothing worse watching a petal drop.
    We have been licked to death by our sweet little Rosie. She is such a delight. Sleeps 10 hours at night and is such a joy. Not a care in the world . How wonderful to have a nature like that. And she is a puppy not a cat. Her tail so tiny wags a million miles an hour.Sorry to cat lovers only who read this blog.

    1. HeHe! I think you should get a cat to keep Rosie company...
      Yes! Go on....!!! (=ඒᆽඒ=)

    2. No, sooo happy as we are. 🤗

  3. Absolutely gorgeous plant! I’m mesmerized! Do you know it’s name?

  4. Purrty flowers. Glad you are getting some spring.

  5. We are actually pretty glad to see some hints of fall here. But of course, we live in southern California, where the winters are usually pretty mild.

  6. That is so pretty, Poppy. We are glad Mum got to see some hints of spring today1