Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nursing Update

I gave my mum a talking to this morning, and told her she was keeping me wide awakes with all the coughing and stuff, and made sure that she had a doctors appointment.  Mum rang as soon as they were open, and got an afternoon  appointment.  No antibiotics, but a puffer and some other pills recommended and a note to give her a week off work and told to go back to bed with more fluids.

So she stocked up on tissues and vitamins, and books and fruit and grapes and she is switching off the alarm clock and is going to try to get some sleep tonight. 


  1. I'm so pleased Mum took your advice Poppy!x
    So she's kitted out with everything she needs
    to help her get better...Plus a lovely grey
    pussy~cat to look after her..Bless!x

    Oh! And tell careful not to drop any
    grapes in the bed..if she rolls over on one
    she'll get a little 'wine'..! :o).

  2. Yikes, your poor mum! We hope the meds help her to feel better soon! Sending purrs.

  3. I think that week off from work - along with plenty of sleep - is just what your mum needs.

  4. Thankgoodness mum is having time off work. Do you know Poppy how lucky you are to have been adopted by such a wonderful kind sweet mum that you have. I think we must have seen this coming.
    No one can work the hours she does without it taking its toll.
    It is horrible that she has no one to look after her and as good as Poppy is as a nurse could miss belle come. You know she won’t catch it even if she has to wear a mask.
    One year my daughter got continually ill. I had to fly up to Wellington 8 times one year.,at a moments notice. It was frightful as I have a fear of flying.
    But sweet mumq do get help. I wish I could help you. My thoughts are with you. Xxx �� �� �� ��

    1. Don’t know what went wrong but I will try again 🍷 🍸 🍹

  5. Glad she got a note to stay home to sleep and get better.

  6. It is a good thing your human is following doctor's orders! I hope she is finally able to let you get some sleep, Poppy.

  7. Rest us what Your mum heeds now. Shift work takes a toll on ones health. It really does. Raises hell with the immune system.

  8. Sad to read that your amazing mum isn't well. I just checked our weather forecast and there is hope of sunshine every afternoon up to Monday, so, dear Poppy, please show your mum how to enjoy the afternoon sun on her bed, like you do. Otherwise lots of love, and fluids and rest. With care, Michelle (on the south end of Tinakori Hill) with purry head-butts from tabby Megs.