Thursday, August 23, 2018

Brothers Movie

Mum is still a bit under the weather.  She has the post viral cough that goes on forever and had a couple of coughing fits today.  So it has been soup and bread for supper, with some grapes and now an early night.  She has a couple of evening shifts over the weekend, so she might post a couple of these cute movies she found, as time will be short and she is going to try and relax and sleep in when she is not at work.


  1. Oh! Sorry to hear Mum's still under the weather
    Poppy!x Hope she's better soon...
    The video is lovely..pity humans can't get along
    in the same way..! :).

  2. The dry, hacking cough? That's a rough stage, too. It can be painful to the throat and chest. At least your mum is in the last phase of her illness, and will be feeling better soon.

  3. My human was sick earlier this year, and it lingered like that. I hope she gets over this patch soon!

  4. Mum had soup and sandwich for supper tonight too.