Thursday, August 30, 2018


My shopping bag is a pleasant spot for a nap and I have been known to get a bit upset if it is not back on the bed. Do you have any odd routines like mine?


  1. HeHe! I think you really..really love that bag
    Poppy!x Do you ever try to get inside it...! :).

    Odd routines..? Well..l don't know..people think
    l'm a bit 'odd' anyway...HeHe! Best way to be, l
    think..That's odd..! :o).

  2. Darling Poppy that is really a very lovely colourful bag. I would love it. Lucky you.
    I like to watch documentaries on my iPad at night. Alfred Hitchcock is who I am watching now.
    There have been so many rumours about him but he was a great family man as well as a brilliant director of films. I still have another hour to go so a late night for me.
    Baby Rosie gave up after sleeping on hub all evening and after a late supper she trotted into her bed carrier and settled down on her lambskin for the night. I think you would be great buddies .

  3. That's a really nice bag, Poppy! Our biped is always coming home with pretty tote bags she sees at thrift stores. She'd love that one!

    We don't think WE have any odd routines, however we think most of what our human does is odd. Does that count? :-D

  4. That bag looks like a nice resting spot to me!

  5. I have seasonal places I nap. I use my hammick by the heaty spot only in the winter, not the summer when it blows cold.

  6. I don't know if they are odd, but all of my cats have their routines. One of them, like Ducky's, is to change sleeping arrangements, depending on the season.

  7. Poppy, you are as gorgeous as ever. Enjoy your nap.