Thursday, August 9, 2018


Mum had been very excited to see some posters up weeks ago saying that Suzanne Vega would be playing just for night in our town.  So mum quickly looked online and bought 2 of the last 10 tickets available.  She asked a friend to go with her as it had been her birthday, and mum thought it would be a nice night out.

Unfortunately mum realized on Monday that she would be too poorly for the weds night concert, and would not like to ruin anybody elses time by coughing or making them sick.  Mum contacted her friend and said that she would courier the tickets to her, and she could invite someone to join her in mums place.  Mum booked the courier for Tuesday, but said that she may be out (she might be passed out due to being so sick or at her afternoons drs appointment), so mentioned that she would put the tickets in a plastic bag on the doorknob (we live at the back of a property off the street).

Mum did indeed have a deep morning nap, and went she went to head out to the drs appointment noticed that the parcel was gone.  Mum contacted her friend and said the tickets were on their way.  The next day though mums friends said the tickets hadn't arrived and when the couriers were rung they said they hadn't been picked up.  Mum went out and searched our back yard in case they had been blown away, or fallen down, but they were nowhere to be found.

So - mum came up with plan C and rang the ticket company and explained that the tickets had been lost, they were helpful and said that mum could just get new ones at the box office with her ID prior to the concert.  Mum did have to explain that she was too sick to go down there, and hats off to them for customer service, they were happy to email them to mum, so she could forward them to her friend to print out. 

Mums friend got to go to the concert and sent a thank you today to say how awesome she was which was good - if mum couldn't go at least a couple of friends got to enjoy it.

The bonus was that mum got to stay home with me.  She is feeling a bit better today, although her cough is still horrid and the larygitis is still with her, at least she can swallow a bit more without pain, and hopes to get some sleep tonight after a week of restless sleeping.


  1. Ah! Bless! What a wonderful Mum you have Poppy!x
    I'm so pleased everything turned out o.k. in the
    end...Mum was so kind hearted...! :).
    And pleased to hear she is getting better, hopefully
    she'll get some sleep she needs..l'm sure your keeping
    an eye her still Poppy!x Bless you..!x

  2. What cowardly beast of a person would do that? Hats off to the people that gave you more tickets but when you are sick everything is 10 times worse.
    You were brave to tackle the issue and get it sorted. Your friend would be thrilled. However how exhausting for you. Makes you wonder if someone from the flats overlooking you watch for opotunities.
    Did you watch sensing murder..? A witness came forth and I think they will catch the fellow
    I do hope you feel better soon. Just as well Poppy’s cupboard was well stocked up.xx

  3. I'm sorry your mum had to miss the concert; it was considerate of her not to go when she was feeling sick. Besides, she likely would not have enjoyed it. Someone clearly stole the tickets, though they probably didn't even know what they were stealing. I'm surprised she was able to get replacement tickets. I wonder if her originals were cancelled, so it would do the thief no good. Anyway, at least your mum's friends were able to go to the concert, and that was very nice of your mum to do that. I hope she is feeling better very soon.

  4. Paws up for good customer service! I'm glad your human is finally on the mend.

  5. Sorry your mum couldn't go to the concert but kudos to the ticket people for such wonderful customer service!