Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pin Up

These are my lying down pin up poses I like to make while helping the mumster to make the bed. 

Mum stayed home and us girls had a lazy day.  Mum woke up with a sore shoulder and neck on Saturday.  It felt a bit better today but mum wanted to rest it today.

it is s frosty night here tonight.  Extra quilts and blankets will be on the bed for us ladies.  Until middle aged mum gets too hot. 


  1. Poppy!x You look lovely enough to be a top
    number one pin up girl...I have 16 calendars
    around my home, and 12 of them are of pussy-cats!
    You ought to get Mum to do you a calendar for
    Christmas, my daughter does one for me every year,
    with her two Staffy's and two pussy~cats on..she
    does it on line..some how!
    You could pick out your best photos...that would
    forever..HeHe! Bless! Be nice though..! I would
    certainly love one..or two..! :).

    1. Poppy!x This has just been on the News and Ceefax....
      New Zealand's minister for women has cycled herself to a
      birthing unit as she prepares to have her first child.
      Green Party politician Julie Anne Genter posted a picture
      on Instagram saying she had arrived at Auckland City hospital
      to be induced – and had travelled by bicycle.
      “Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for
      an induction to finally have this baby. This is it, wish us luck"!

      HeHe! Made me chuckle...! :).

  2. Such a beautiful photo of you, Poppy! We hope you and Mum had a great day at home together, and that she's feeling better soon. Hugs!

  3. What a cosy comfy bed that looks and you are certainly making the most of it. Sorry about mums shoulder. Sometimes life can hit us everywhich way at once. I had such angina two days in a row the ambulance thought I had had a heart attack but the bloods came back ok. Was like being in an iron vice for 4 hours and my spray didn’t work.
    Last night was fun though. I dreamt I shook hands with Winston Churchill and then bought the cutest dog. Was better than being awake.
    What a pinup you are!

  4. Mum is hoping for nights where she can snuggle under the covers again.

  5. I bet you are distracting when your human makes the bed. Which is kind of the point, right?