Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cat Door Trap

When mum got home after work guess who was inside?  Yes naughty cat was in the living room!!!  I was hiding in the bedroom.  She went to tell naughty cat off, but realized that he had got trapped.  You see when we got the cat door installed, after a couple of weeks the door has got stuck and won't swing properly. Mum has got friends to try and look at it, but no one has a solution.  We don't want to get a new one, as we only rent this house and won't be here forever.  So mum has been using the old duct tape to keep it open.  We know that this means naughty neighbors might try and sneak in, but she wants me to have access any time I  need it.

Naughty cat though was very polite and made a little meow that mum thinks said 'could you let me out now please'.  So mum let him out through the door and got me me feast.  I have needed a big BIG nap, cos mum thinks I must have been on guard duty all day.

Mum is spending this evening getting the door taped up again.


  1. Oh! Dear Poppy!x Problems of a cat flap...You can get those
    flaps that only open when the cat approaches with an electronic
    collar..l don't like pussy~cats wearing collars, and always take
    them off when l see them, especially if a bell is attached....!

    I just found this on line....Is it cruel to put a bell on a cat?
    Bells on cats' collars can create repetitive, annoying noises for both
    you and your cat. Sometimes cats do not react well to this jingly little
    bell that sits just under their chin. If your cat already has anxiety, it
    may not be a good idea to add a bell to his collar. It's the same for cats
    who stress easily.....!

    1. I do agree. The bells are supposed to warn birds but I think they must drive the cats crazy.

    2. Yes! A bell can change the whole personality
      of a cat..! It would drive a cat, or anything
      else...MAD! :).
      Oh! Thankyou for the invite to New Zealand on
      Julie's post..l did leave a reply...! :).

  2. This is like a really good soap opera. I can’t wait for the next instalment. Perhaps Poppy could become buddies with new cat. It sounds lonely and Poppy might get lonely too sometimes. When we lived in a previous house our cat was great friends with the kittie next door and neighbors said the two often spent the evening together in front of their fire. It was so sweet to see them together when they were together at our place.

  3. LOL @ the soap opera comment. At least you don't fight with your naughty neighbour, Poppy, like Nicki would. Of course you don't want him in YOUR territory, but we're glad he's polite about it all.

  4. Can’t really call the neighbors cat naughty. He’s just sociable. Poor baby was probably not very happy about being trapped in your house and unsure of your intentions toward him. Not fun for either of you we suspect.

  5. What a bummer for both you and the neighbor kitty, Poppy. Ideally, you should have a microchip-activated cat door that works only for you, but I understand how your human doesn't want to spend extra money on a home that is just a rental. I hope at least this convinces the neighbor kitty that maybe he doesn't want to trespass anymore.

  6. poppy; purr hapz ewe N naybor cat will bee come veree good friendz...tell mum if her getz a chance ta look at de website

    cottage at the cross roads

    we iz inn cloodin a link heer; they haza solutionz that mite werk for ewe ~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  7. A bit unnerving, having uninvited guests in the house, eh, Poppy? And he was probably just curious and didn't mean to stay.