Sunday, November 11, 2018

Armistice Day

 Today marks 100 years since the end if the first World War.  it was a bright sunny day and we think of all those families who were grieving the loss if their sons, brothers and husbands and the families who were relieved to get their young ones home.  Did they stand below similar skies? 
Today was a quiet one at the house of Q.  Mum got up early to eat leftover Thai food while she watched the All Blacks play England.  She did some chores and pottered around the house.  Peaceful - as it should be.


  1. Our day has just started with the centenary of the first
    world war..and they did go around the world, including
    New Zealand, to show what was going on..!

    Not into rugby that much, but l did watch the last half
    hour, bit of rough and tumble...! :).

    Suns out in ALL it's glory, after two days of rain, but
    it's very mild, temperatures still in double figures ,
    more rain forecast in the week...! :(.

  2. Lovely sky. Poppy on a bag as usual.
    My Dad was in the First World War. Both as a med. and a journalist but he had his fair share of fighting. When I asked him about it he said very little. He did say he was lying on the ground at Gallipoli beside his best friend when his friend was killed and Dad had scrapnel in his leg and showed me the scar.
    Another time after living on bully beef and biscuits for months (you had to shake all the weevils off the biscuits) he and his mates saw fresh bread being delivered to the Officers tent. He volunteered to go down the hill and bring one back to share out. If caught he would have been shot..
    All went well and when he got home after 5 years (he stayed on as a peace keepers for a year) he told one of his friends what he had done. That friend was an officer who laughed and said if you had asked me I would have given it to you!
    He married his beloved young cousin when he was 40 and I was born when he was. 53.
    I am so lucky to have a huge scrap book ,a diary and several photo albums.
    When I watch the ceremony tears roll down my cheeks for all those that didn’t come back and the pain of their families.
    We should all be so grateful for our wonderful lives here and to think Trump refused to go to the ceremony withe French P.M. and Angela Merkel just because it rained.

    Love to Poppy Q. and Mum. xxx😂

  3. I never slept well on Sundays when I worked. Of course, I was off on weekends most of the time. Something about facing work on Mondays...

  4. It was Remembrance Day here. There wasn't a family in Britain that wasn't affected by the death or injury of a member. I think the statistics may have been less grievous in the dominions but not by much. The saddest thing is that after all that sacrifice, the politicians' ineptitude made sure that it had to be done again, 21 years later.