Saturday, November 24, 2018


Maybe it is not the best view in the world, but you can see I did not get a full Brazilian for the summer, just a slight trim.  Anyway I was giving mum a happy greeting cause she came home.  She rushed around all day.  She did washing this morning and vacuumed the carpets and then went and met a bestie for a walk and then some nibbles.

The real reason I was pleased to see mum - I needed my bag back on the bed!!!

Oh and mums middle aged lady moment.  She woke up at 3am as she heard a big cat fight outside.  she got up to look out the window, and put a dressing gown on and went out into the backyard.  She heard the cats do a final hiss.  She stood outside for 5 minutes and came back to bed.  Then she realized that I was in the bedroom - it wasn't me fighting.  I was snoozing!!!🐈


  1. HeHe! Not the best view in the world Poppy!x
    But! But! It looks very tidy..what else can
    one say...Bottoms Up..! :).

    I've just finished doing a few pheasants, got
    a few partridge as them tomorrow!
    Fried up a bit of pheasant for Fudge, he enjoyed
    it, and loved playing with the feathers..! :).
    He's gone off now, and time for a cuppa! And,
    a little snack..! :).

  2. Poor mum but that is so funny.. We heard barking outside and hub rushed out to see what was going on. He came back to see ifRosiewas ok. She was sound asleep on my feet, it was just some other dog passing by for a walk!
    Little Rosie breaks my heart wth her loving. I can’t takepics but in hightssight I think she might be a miniature “Hairy McCleary”
    I must get a pic on my iPad to see if I am right. When the ambulance came in the middle of the night last week she wouldn’t leave my side. Thank heavens for St. John’s. I can’t praise them enough. I have been very ill again today but Rosie keeps me and my hub happy.nGod pless. Cats and dogs. Xxx

  3. Nothing wrong with that view Miss Pops! You are showing off how nice and neat your tocks are. That was funny that your mum didn't see you snoozing on the bed before she rushed out.

  4. I don’t blame your mum
    She aw asleep and probably woke in a fright. Didn’t have time to look for you. She was that worried

  5. I hope your bag is back now! And I can't believe your human spied on fighting kitties that weren't you! MOL

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  7. I'm glad it wasn't you fighting, Poppy, but I probably would've gone out to break up the dispute, anyway.