Sunday, November 18, 2018

I Tried

I tried to look all cute and fluffy so mum didn't have to go to work this afternoon.  She mumbled something about having to pay bills and then gave me a kiss and said she would be home soon.


  1. You always look cute and fluffy Poppy!x
    Oh! And Bills..Well, we all have to pay them,
    otherwise you would'nt have anything to cook
    with, or see with at night time! That's why
    Mum has to go to work Poppy!x So you can enjoy
    your feasts..Bless!

    Lovely sunny day over here, though getting colder
    next week, still, it'll be dry, l'm off to the
    supermarket soon, few bits and pieces needed! :).
    Though the lady next door, brought some Chinese
    leftovers last night, so l enjoyed some of that..!
    Bit more left for tomorrow..waste not, want not! :).

  2. I am sure your mum didn't want to leave you either, but if she didn't where would your Fancy Feast come from?

  3. Oh well! Sometimes even cuteness doesn't work.

  4. Aw, Poppy, we try that tactic too, but it doesn't work. Still, someone has to earn the money to buy your Feast! :-)

  5. Yeah, they gotta go get green papers so they can keep us in treats and toys. Nice try Poppy.

  6. Darn. We try that here, too, Poppy, but it very rarely works.

  7. That is such a beautiful photo of you Poppy. Mum is so kind to you. You do have big claws. I see you have caught up the under sheet.
    Our wee Rosie is very ill and at the vets. She didn’t eat or drink all weekend.i was up all night with her last night. They are keeping her and putting her on a drip and doing tests. I am sick with worry.

  8. Those darn bills!
    Get in th way of everything your lucky your a cat Poppy

  9. I'm sure your mum would have stayed with you if she could have, Poppy.