Thursday, November 15, 2018


Mum is glad that we have made it through to Thursday.  She made a big pasta dish for dinner so there are a lot of leftovers.  She is on shift the next couple of nights and needs to take her dinner and snacks.

We have had a week of sunny hot weather which has been lovely.  The weather forecast ahead is the return of more rain which will be great for the gardens, so mum will rush to get the washing done tomorrow.  It has been lovely to have the windows open every evening  and fresh air blowing in.  Mum even got the birkenstocks out - so summer must be close.


  1. Ah! Up in your window Poppy!x
    Been raining over here to..cold frosty weather
    next week, l don't mind, it's the rain l hate! :(.

    Just got back from town, quite at the moment, though,
    it's market day to~day...
    And! And! I've got Fudge running around the house
    like a mad hatter..More milk Fudge..? O.K. Hand on..! :).

  2. Hurrah for summer! We're bracing for 10 - 15 cms of snow tonight and into tomorrow, which is RIDICULOUS for mid-November. We're hisssssing over that! Take care!

  3. you have the heat, we are cold and getting snow this weekend.

  4. I figured you guys must be getting close to summer because I've been seeing some snow shots from up here in the Northern Hemisphere!

  5. There's nothing like fresh spring air, especially to replace the stale winter atmosphere. Unfortunately, we're a long ways from there in this part of the world...