Monday, November 5, 2018


 Mum - you made it home.  I missed you.
Mum survived work although , she had to come off and have some butter chicken and rice and veg for dinner.  Now she is having a couple of mint slice biscuits while watching Australian Ninja Warriors.  Wow those people are amazing.  We just watched a woman complete the course in ease.  It makes mum feel very lazy and very old.


  1. Ah! Poppy!x Bless! Hope your settling down with
    Mum..Don't you get any ideas watching those Ninjas
    Poppy!x Best if you stay settled on your bag! :).

  2. Glad your mum survived her first day back. A nice dinner and a treat. Hope you got treats too.

  3. Your mum was probably as glad to be home as you were to see her, Poppy. Having to go back to work after time off is like that...