Monday, November 26, 2018


Mum caught this cute neighbor napping on the doorstep of her cottage.  of course, by the time mum got her phone out she was awake and ready to pose.


  1. My! My! Poppy!x What a lovely looking pussy~cat!
    You'll have to teach her a few more poses..After
    all Poppy!x Your number one for poses! :).

  2. Very pretty neighbour! And she's posing beautifully!

  3. I hope they let him in now and then. He looks like he's waiting to go in.

  4. How funny that the kitty got up the moment your human pulled out her phone!

  5. What a beautiful cat It does look lonely. Not as gorgeous as Poppy of course but clean an d well mannered. Perhaps like Missy. Mum sends out vibe to lonely cats. Do encourage her. Am sure Poppy could adapt to having a buddy.
    That’s a lovely rose on the fence.
    Just had a nurse come to take my bloods. Rosie so friendly. Not a guard dog, not a bark, oh how I love her. ❣️