Saturday, November 3, 2018


Mum took pictures of the pretty blossoms during the week.  it is rather breezy and grey outside and we wonder if all the blossoms have been shaken off the trees.  We've stayed inside all today . 

Spring weather has seemed to have had the same pattern the past few years.  A couple of beautiful blue skies and warm days at the beginning of spring.  Then weeks of unsettled colder and raining  weeks.  Still we are lucky here as the weather stops people letting off fireworks ( they are sold before the 5th of November for Guy Fawkes).

So most if my days and nights are spent inside sleeping and talking to mum.


  1. Another nice dry sunny day to~day Poppy!x
    Though rain is forecast later and tomorrow..
    getting milder..!

    Hopefully it'll rain, as you say, it'll stop
    the fireworks..hate fireworks..people celebrating,
    after all said and done was a terrorist! Guy Fawkes! :(.

    Off to have a cuppa lemon tea, a sticky bun, then l've
    a few pheasants to see to..shooting season has started,
    so, there stating to come through..Sundays dinner sorted!

  2. Purrty flowers, sorry for the boomies!

  3. my thought too re fireworks. Worst time ever for animals.

  4. The weather here is the same You just don’t know what to wear at the best of times
    We don’t have any legal fireworks in our state unless it’s a huge event organised by a large body
    But sometimes we do get people letting off illigal fireworks.
    Considering we live in a rural area with lots of horses and other livestock you would think they would know better. But unfortunately brains just aren’t as common as they once were

  5. Lovely pink blossoms. I'm relieved that the City Council now do their big fireworks display for Matariki, in the middle on Winter. No boomies here yet (south end of Tinakori Hill), hope folks are restrained on actual Guy Fawkes night. Sending care and huggles to you and Mum, Michelle in Wgtn too.

  6. I think spending your time indoors with your mum is a good plan, Poppy.