Friday, November 9, 2018


Today has been rainy and stormy,so mum was glad to get home into her sweats and just chill out.

Last night was really windy and mum couldn't find me on my bag, I wasn't on my little bed or on mums bed.  She called out and no reply.  She went outside in not many clothes and called out in the backyard.  It was so windy that she thought I wouldn't be able to hear her.  She put her dressing gown on and went up onto the street and called out, but no reply.

So she climbed into bed.  Guess who she found sleeping  quietly on the floor beside the bed - me!!!


  1. Ah! I'm so glad Mum found you Poppy!x
    Though l can't imagine you wandering to far
    from home..or your bed..Bless!x
    Sweet Dreams..! 😸 😺

  2. What a little trick you are. Were you playing hide and seek or were you just in a very deep sleep?
    Poor mum! Sounds like she was beside herself with worry. Glad she didn’t get blown away. Xxx

  3. LOL! Ah, that made our human laugh! Not because of the scare, but because it's just a typical cat thing to do--hide in plain site. Plus your mum walking around outside in her dressing gown, looking for you, well, that's just funny! (Our human would have done the same, though!)

  4. Why!? Because cat... (My felines feign deafness whenever the mood strikes.)

  5. Back when I had 12 cats, most were inside/outside cats but they all came in at night. One particularly cold night I was doing a head count before bed and realized I was missing one—Sunkist. I called and called ...and called and called. Every 15 minutes until 1:00 am. Exhaustion took over being worried and I decided he was out for the night. I closed the front door and who do you think was sleeping right behind it?? Yep, Sunkist 😉🐈

  6. That was funny that she didn't see you there. We have had severe storms all day and still continuing now.