Monday, November 12, 2018


Mum wonders why it is always difficult to go to sleep on a Sunday night?  She only got to sleep around midnight, had to wake up to go to the bathroom a couple of hours later, and then woke up at 4.30am when she was cold, and then the alarm blasted at 5am.  So mum dragged herself up and got off to work.

She was lucky and got finished by 3pm, and got some groceries and headed home.  She could have nodded off by 5pm, but resisted so she could sleep better tonight.  Dinner for me was a feast and mum made a fancy quinoa/rice with salad and Mexican chicken and sour cream.  Delicious she said.  She has also made egg sandwiches for tomorrows lunch, with some grapes and strawberries for snacks.  Uniforms and underwear are all selected and ready for wearing tomorrow morning, plus mums workbag is sorted. 

She also feels productive for sorting out the recycling bag of rubbish, got the dishes done and rung two good friends for a catch up.  She has read some pages of her book, and tidied up a bit of the living room.  So now she has her fingers crossed that she will drift off to sleep straight away.  Me - well I'm in my bag asleep already.


  1. Have you been modeling again Poppy!x :).

    Sleep..l've had problems with sleep ALL my life..
    I am a very light sleeper..only a moth have to
    sneeze, l'm awake! Slightest noise, like wind,
    rain, someone walking out front..l'm awake...! :(.
    Still..don't bother about it much, used to it...!

    Suns out for to~day, after a couple days of rain...
    and quite warm to..lunch out on the patio later,
    got some meat stew left over from yesterday..nice
    with some garlic bread..! :).

  2. I’m like your mum poppy. My swimming bag is ready to go
    Usually I set the alarm for five but I’m giving myself half an hour sleep in
    Unfortunately Bella and her siblings didn’t think this was a good thing and this morning were all on my bed trying to get me to get up earlier
    Poor things we’re starving, apparently lol

  3. We sure hope your mum sleeps/slept better Monday night, Poppy. She certainly was very productive at home, after little sleep and her work shift. Purrs to you both for a good week!

  4. I've always thought it was tough to sleep on Sunday nights because we at last get enough sleep on Friday and Saturday nights; we're no longer so tired as to fall unconscious right away on Sundays. But that was before I started never getting enough sleep, period, so every night is a quick-sleep night for me now.

  5. Mum used to get those nights too. She would just power through the day tired. Now if she can't sleep she doesn't care, most days she doesn't have to get up to do stuff. She loves retirement.