Thursday, November 29, 2018


Mum put some bread out for the birds this morning so I had to come and sit outside and watch.  She has been optimistic and getting some washing out on the line.  The fridge has been cleaned, dishes are soaking and she just has to vacuum the carpet and then she will sit and watch something on the box before she has to think about heading to work.


  1. Did you have fun watching the birds, Poppy?

  2. That’s such a lovely photo pops. Yesterday I thought you had a burgler in the house.
    Looks a fine day to be outside. Enjoy.
    Could I borrow mum to come and clean my fridge ?
    🌤 🌺 🦅 🐥 🦉

  3. You've got a nice bit of sunshine there Poppy!x
    Bit different over here..Still blowing a gale,
    worse down here in the south, and you can hear
    it..even through the double glazing! So another day
    at, although it may clear later..! :).

    Oh! Poppy!x tell Mum, bread for birdies is o.k. but
    not good for;s a bit misleading..if Mum,
    looks it up on Google, it will tell her why? Seeds and
    such are better for them...! :).

  4. Hi Poppy. It looks quite warm and lovely for you now...wistful sighs from all of us here in Ontario, Canada!

    Your mum has been very productive! Ours often is too, in the mornings before she leaves for work. That's the advantage of being up around 4 AM. LOL. Except she doesn't vacuum or do anything too noisy that early, because of thin adjoining walls.

    We'll echo the bread caution. Though maybe if there's a good-sized dish of water along with the bread? Not sure if that would do the trick. But it's lovely your mum's feeding the birds and giving you added entertainment! :-)

    Take care, have a good rest-of-week!

  5. Mum is going to have to shovel the bit of snow we got overnight! Ick!

  6. Wow, your mum had energy to burn - literally.