Saturday, November 10, 2018

Caturday Highlights

The highlights of Caturday for me were rolling round on the grass in the sun.  After a stormy week we were glad to see the sun.

Mum enjoyed watching me in the grass, getting clothes and bedding washed and dry and Thai takeaways for dinner.

Living the good life.


  1. You look lovely relaxing in the grass.
    Our lawn is under water after the storms over the last 36 hours. At least the sun is trying to shine today and the wind has dropped, but we still have very heavy showers.

  2. Yep! I've just got back from town, just in time,
    it's now pouring it for the rest of the
    day..and flood warnings in some parts of the country!
    Still..l'm settled, in the middle of doing a competition
    in the paper..only a crossword thing..then a word search
    thing, keep me busy for a bit..! Then l've a few pheasants
    to do, they keep shooting them, l keep cleaning them!
    Busy! Busy! :o).

  3. That sounds like an awesome Saturday, Poppy! We had snow flurries today ... brrrr.