Thursday, November 8, 2018

Beautiful Suki

This is the beautiful Suki Cat who travels the world with her mum, but is from Canada.  Her pictures are just amazing and all so wonderfully bright and almost surreal.  Mum also wonders how she gets Suki to pose so well - she must be a very patient lady.

Mum is loving so many instagram sites.  She knows that blogging might be old fashioned now, but mum won't change over yet.  We will stick with it for a while - we're not going anywhere.


  1. Does your human follow me? I'm @summerstravels. Make sure you let us know if you start an Instagram!

  2. Oh! My Goodness! Poppy!x Those photos are amazing....
    And..Yes! What a poser..lovely looking pussy~Cat! :). look lovely to..with or without your bag...!

  3. Suki is indeed beautiful, and my country of Canada is a beautiful backcloth for her. But I'd be so afraid of her running off if she isn't tethered!

  4. Oh a beautiful page. Yea I wonder how she can get the cat to sit so nice. Has Poppy Q got an Instagram page?

  5. We can’t understand how these photos were taken! The cat on the rock in the water! How does that happen?
    Amazing just amazing!

  6. Suki is an amazing looking kitty just like you Poppy. Suki really has seen some wonderful places and works so well with the camera. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  7. No way would Bella or her siblings would do any posing fo me
    It’s bad enough when I try at home!
    She is a beautiful kitty though.

  8. Mum is furry unlikely to leave blogger. At that point we may just stop. Suki is beauty-full.