Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Lucky me - I got to go to the vet yesterday to get my summer bikini butt trim.  We got a new vet who was lovely; but mum was honest.  She said now I am a senior citizen there will be no more diets, no $60 diet/teeth/joint biscuits that I never eat and no stressful tests or surgery unless necessary.  I growled a little at mum as she held me so the vet could do her checks.  I got a good bill of health except for my arthritic knees, my slightly problematic teeth and my 6.3kg weight.

Mum bought me home and I ate all of my feast and then snuggled up with mum when we went to bed.  Best if all no vet bill!!! Mum pays $30 a month for a pet insurance.  it pays for my vet checks twice a year, a blood test and some surgeries. Last years dental surgery was free because of the policy.

So we are thankful this Thursday for the good vet visit and no big Bill's and a snuggle on the bed.

We hope that if you are celebrating Thanksgiving that you have a lovely time with friends and family.


  1. Good day ALL round then Poppy!x For you and Mum! :).
    My neighbours who have cats and dogs, tell the prices
    of visiting the vet these days..Goodness! So, pet insurance
    sounds a good idea..

    We don't have Thanksgiving over here, just Christmas..but
    it sounds a good idea..another holiday won't hurt..l'd be
    up for that..I love sitting down to a good dinner, especially
    with lots of friends..Hic! :).

  2. Wow!you are quite a heavy pussy cat Poppy . Mum has answered my thoughts of pet insurance. Rosie is back from the vet. They thought she had eaten something poisonis. She was put on a drip and came home with special tin meat. Little and often and lots of pills. She is finally back to her cheerful self. A worry though as it must be a weed or a plant she ate but we don’t know whatso fingers crossed itv doesn’t happen again.
    Sleep well Poppy Q.

  3. We bet you'll be nice and cool for the summer now, Poppy.

    Pet insurance is something we don't have, but should, though it's too late now, with all of our pre-existing conditions. However, if the human ever adopts again (not likely), she definitely will opt for insurance, IF it covers dentals. That's been the most horrendous cost of all, since we were both 3 years old.

    In the end, there's only so much to be done. All Beings age and pass in their time, the key is to be as healthy and happy for as long as possible. But no special diet or tests or whathaveyou will ever change the fact that we will die. So it's a balance, between doing what you can and what you can afford, and letting the rest go.

    And in the end, a loving home is what matters most. ♥

  4. It sounds like you appreciated your mum's firmness at the veterinary hospital, Poppy. Your weight isn't too bad, I'd say; a couple of mine are heavier! Long health to you, my girl.

  5. Glad you had a good vet visit Poppy with no scary bills at the end of it.

  6. Good to hear you got a clean bill of health poppy
    Yes diets at our age as just a pain
    Your a British short hair. Your supposed to look a little chunky xx