Sunday, November 25, 2018


When mum got home last night there was a lovely gift waiting for her.  Her friends had got her some flowers to brighten up her place. 

There was a bit if cat hissing this afternoon and this time it was me.  Naughty cat snuck in and  had cornered him under the couch.  Mum came out and growled at him and chased him out.


  1. oooO! Flowers everywhere to~day Poppy!x
    Just left a comment on Julies post, over there
    in New Zealand...all nice and colourful..! :).

    Sounds like Mums growl worked then Poppy!x
    Goodness! I bet that was a bit frightening...
    HeHe! Did you hide as well..! :).

  2. I can't believe an intruder actually came INTO your house, Poppy! How rude of him!

  3. Pretty flowers, what a lovely suprise.
    Unlike the surprise of having an uninvited guest in your home

  4. How really lovely. Mums friends must love her a lot. She has sounded depressed lately especially on one of her reading site where she said she was old and sad.
    Her horrid cough would make anyone depressed and her friends could not have thought of a better way to cheer her up.

    I really think naughty cat has a crush on Poppy. Shame poppy can’t recipricat.
    Take care you two. 💕

  5. Those flowers are very pretty. Shouldn't it have been you who growled at the other cat and not your mum? She obviously growls well!

  6. Introoder cat should now better to stay outside your house. Purrty flowers, nice to have something colorful outside.

  7. Pots of colour, what a welcome sight that must have been.

  8. What a nice gift. They are indeed bright and pretty, very spring-like. The nerve of the neighbour-cat; but then, your home is a very cosy and safe place, so I don't wonder that other cats want to live there.