Monday, November 19, 2018

Day Off

Mum was pleased to wake up knowing it was her day off.  The weather has gone back into winter mode, 2 weeks before summer is due to start.  This was the afternoon's skies with a threat of rain all day.  We did miss showers during the day but it is just starting now at 8pm.  There is heavy snow in the lower South Island, so the heaters are on and mum will put the heavy blanket back on the bed tonight.

It was one of mums best friends birthdays at the weekend so mum took her and her mother out to a tasty lunch.  Then the friends went to visit the garden centre - good shopping for middle aged ladies.

Mum got a few more items at the shops, and her groceries and was still home by 3pm.  She sat down and watched a movie and made chicken salad wraps for dinner.  A bit of Antiques Roadshow and then mum is keen for her bed.

I have spent quite a bit of the day in my little bed enjoying the heat pad on my old achy body.


  1. Brrrr! Cold and overcast over here Poppy!x
    But dry...just got back from town..quick
    cuppa tea, then l'm gonna do out the bathroom,
    needs a good clean, as l had a couple of plumbers
    up on Friday, made a bit of a mess..and, l can't
    be doing with mess! :(.

  2. That sky looked ominous!

    Even so, a day off sounds wonderful. We're glad you both enjoyed yourselves. :-)

  3. Oh yeah, that's a storm coming, Poppy. I'd stay in a heated bed, too. You're smart cat - though I can't believe you're achy-old.

  4. It looks very stormy there. It has turned cold here and with the wind chill it feels like below freezing. In front of the log burner is the best place to be.

  5. Glad your mum had a nice day off. It is winter here early, way too cold already.