Sunday, November 4, 2018


Well staycation is drawing to a close and mum had to return to work tomorrow which she is not looking forward to.  it is alright once the first day is over as that is the hardest.  Mum had got her uniform out with even underwear selected and ready.  she is finishing the dishes and then will get tomorrow's lunch made.  Dinner will be leftovers from tonight's tea.

Most of all mum will miss my company and I will be glad when she gets home.


  1. Ah! Bless! Still the day will pass quickly Poppy!x
    And Mum will be back home in no time! can
    get lots of shut eye on your lovely soft bed..! :).

    Bit wet over here, bit of rain in the night, and
    more forecast for tomorrow! Yuk! I hate rain....! :).

  2. Seems mum could do with another week. Life can be grim. Not good in this house but Rosie is a gem of all gems. Once I feel better I will try and send a photo. Even though she is so beautiful it is the heart that counts.
    Poppy looks content as always. 😊

  3. Good luck to your mum. Our human understands completely!

  4. We're sorry Mum has to start back up again tomorrow, Poppy. Sending her strength and peace!

  5. It is hard to go back to work after a nice break.

  6. I am always happy when mum gets home and so is she.

  7. The dreadful last day of holidays...