Friday, November 10, 2017


It has grown a tad chilly again so mum and I are going to snuggle up together tonight.  She is tired after her 12 day working stretch and a few stressful days.

Do this weekend will be devoted to relaxing - my favorite kind of weekend.

Got any plans?


  1. Well...I always think weekends are there
    for relaxing Poppy!x
    But, things still have to be done, though
    l like to keep Sunday free...TV and football!
    Sun's out just now, waiting on a couple visitors
    at 11 o'clock...cup of tea, dough~nut and a gossip,
    what could be better! :).

    Hope you and Mum enjoy your relaxing...l know your
    an expert in that! Bless!x

  2. Stress at work must be horrible. I bet Poppy hears a lot of interesting tales. Hope you have a great book and a nice weekend Xxx

  3. Have a good weekend, Poppy! It will be quiet here, which is a good thing, since next weekend my human and I will be traveling from the southwest end of the US to the northwest, to a cat show!

  4. Hope your mum can get all relaxed and rested. Hope you get some warms again too. We have been having furry cold stuff. Mum bundles up when she heads outside.