Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dinner Time

This was tonight's dinner - spicy chicken tacos.   Mum got asked about her food subscription.   She uses My Food Bag which is a NZ one.  On Weds she gets an email telling her what will be delivered on Sunday.  It will tell her if she needs any pantry items like olive oil, butter or milk.  On Sunday afternoon her box is delivered at approx 3pm straight to her door.

In the box are the recipes and ingredients for 4 meals, one of which is big enough for two people to eat.  Mum finds there is often enough for leftovers the next day and will get 6-7 meals out if the food.   The chucken/fish/meat is all in sealed bags and chilled along with vegetables and things like sour cream.

They support NZ businesses and use local fresh ingredients and base menus on seasonal produce.  It has got mum eating more salads than normal and her work trousers were a little loser this week.  She has learnt a lot of new menus and techniques which is good.

Mum had been a bit bored with her own cooking and this has got her a bit more enthused.  It is pricey at $99 but mum is shopping less and less likely to waste any food so it is not so bad.  It is also easy to opt out of if you go away or would like to stop for a while.  There a range if types of boxes for different size family or vegetarian options.

Me - well I'm easy.  A cab of feast each night suits me.


  1. They look very tempting. I had thought mum was not so keen on these meals but I must have misread it. In retrospect I think it was just there were more pots to wash. But hey what's a pot or two more if you like the food AND get slimer in the process.
    Do tell us Poppy if you are eating your way through your teeth cleaning nibbles. Do you like them? We need to see a photo of your pearly whites. Perhaps mum can catch a yawn.

  2. HaHa! Bless! Life is so easy for pussy~cats...
    Eat..Sleep..and..well you know! :).

    Mums food looks good and very healthy, we have
    several companies doing it over here, don't
    think l'd do it..l enjoy cooking, and eating,
    even my own food, and, l don't think they'd do
    my type of food l'd enjoy! Mind you l would'nt
    mind trying it once or twice..! :).

  3. Poppy, dear, this system tempts me because the food looks delicious -- and I do hate to throw away uneaten produce at the end of the week.

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  5. That does sound easy and tasty. But I think I’d have to have it arrived cooked. That would be better for someone with few kitchen skills such as myself.

  6. That looks pretty darned tasty, Poppy. And we love that you get the feast each night. :)

  7. This food service sounds splendid! Our mum is an awful cook though. Nothing ever turns out for her.
    Staying out of the market is probably the best feature of the service. One is always buying fattening things that aren’t particularly healthy and are a drain on the budget.

  8. Mum is a bit of a fussy eater, so not likely to do good on delivered packaged meals. But if it helps your mum do good eating, then it is a good thing.