Monday, November 20, 2017


Mum has a Samsung S7 phone that has been a bit of a pain since mum got it.  It constantly overheats,runs out if battery and was switching itself off.  She took it in a couple of times and was dismissed a bit from the people in the shop.  They had to fix it 7 months ago as it stopped working.  This time a couple of weeks ago the back started peeling off and a week ago by the time mum got to the shop the back was just about completely off.  Anyway it got shipped to repairland and mum got to pick it up today.

They said it was the worst one their shop had seen and just about everything was replaced on the phone.  Mum said she would have expected to get a new phone as a replacement seen this one seemed to be a dud.  They said that wasn't their policy.  It does feel new and is much shinier and tidier.  Now mum has to reload all her blogs and take more photos of me.


  1. What a rip off. I imagine fair go would have got a new one. I have a feeling that may have been the one that was exploding overseas and they recalled them but I'm probably wrong. That was bad luck. Next time try Apple if you can. I have an Apple iPad and it has been great. I have a really cheap phone but at least it works and stays in one piece. Poppy are you glad you don't have a phone? Xxx

  2. Well Poppy!x Tell Mum, it may not be 'their' policy to
    replace a faulty phone, but legally it might be a different
    matter..Though the law may be different over their..!
    Even'd think that, to keep a good trade name, they
    would have replaced it anyway! You certainly would'nt
    recommend them to anyone else..
    Pleased though, Mum got it sorted, even though it took a
    while..! :).
    She'll probably wear it out now..taking photos of you! :0).

  3. I hope the phone works better now it has been overhauled. I agree though that it should have been replaced. My old Samsung ran out of battery in no time and once the charge was down to 23% it would shut down. My new one has much better battery life and has got down to 5% without shutting down. I try to remember to charge it before it gets that low though.

  4. I think your mum should just a new telephone.

  5. Our mum has an iPhone 7 Plus and after installing the latest program update the blasted thing is doing all sorts of odd things. Mum must have bad luck. With her last model, she spent 4 hours with Apple in the store and further time on the phone and it was deemed a hopeless case. No offer of free phone made,

  6. We hope it stays fixed for a while. Mom Paula bought an iPhone 7 this year and loves it.