Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weather Change

After days of calm warm weather, the pressure has dropped and winds are whipping around.  I keep looking out the window and meowing at mum to warn her.  She did watch the weather forecast on the news so she knows that there is a storm on the way.

Lucky her - she's on call tonight too.  I hope she doesn't get blown away.


  1. No! Hope Mum does'nt get blown away Poppy!x
    That will never do! :(.
    Still...l expect you'll be in your apartment! :).
    We've got rain later this afternoon...! So, feet
    up with a cuppa tea, in front the TV..!

  2. Dear Poppy please don't worry. Mum is very capable and surely if she gets a call in the night they would send a taxi. That would keep her warm and safe.

  3. I walked on Mom mom in the deep dark night so she would know there was a fierce electrical storm outside. She said she knew it already and to lie down. I had to do my duty however.

  4. We are having a cold night. 7 PM and already under the freezing mark.

  5. I'm glad you are on top of the weather, Poppy.