Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Mum is on the afternoon shift again today.  She got herself up early though as she wanted to get to the post office early.  She also went to the supermarket and library and got home within an hour.

I meanwhile relaxed in the sun.  I even showed mum where my secret sleeping hiding place is.  A little nest for me to sleep in and keep an eye out for intruders.

Oh and mum got some new fresh buns for her lunch after the bird incident on Sunday.


  1. MOL - I was wondering if your human got some new buns.

  2. You've got a lovely sunny spot there Poppy!x
    And keeping your eye out for intruders......
    Good idea!

    Oh! Those poor buns..HeHHe! Did'nt Mum just
    scrape off the pooie and use them...or give
    them to the birdies...Poor buns! :).

  3. That looks like a great spot for sunbathing. You look slightly annoyed you were woken for a photo. Lucky us summer is on it's way. I can't remember such a gloomy spring. I guess you are not interested in buns as long as your feast keeps coming. What is your favourite flavour?

  4. That looks such a nice sunny spot to relax in.

  5. Cloudy and cold today. Glad you have a sunny spot to rest in.

  6. You've shown your mum your secret spot? Now it's not a secret! You must trust her lots.

  7. Ah, late spring sunshine, eh, Poppy? Very nice.