Monday, November 27, 2017

Hello Monday

 Mum wasn't sure if she would like tonight's dinner.  It was a fish with panko crust and a salad made with grain, pear,red onion,corn and spinach.  Mum cooked the grain but didn't like it so left it out.  She liked the rest of it all though and finished it all.
Then she came in and gave me a fishy kiss.


  1. You look like you were not impressed by that fishy kiss, Poppy!

  2. HaHa! Fishy kiss...Noth'fin' like a
    fishy kiss Poppy!x Bless!

    Mum's dinner looks rather good Poppy!x
    Crust and all..Nice! :).

  3. That meal looks wonderful and healthy too. Not sure if Poppy was too impressed with the kiss though. Is fish not one of her favourite flavours. 😜

  4. your mum certainly eats lots of interesting things.

  5. Yeah, I'd leave the grain out, too. I like it in bread, but not as it is.