Thursday, November 2, 2017


 Tonight is quinoa chicken meatloaf for dinner.  It is the first time mum has cooked quinoa and she is not excited by it.  I guess the dinners this week have been healthy , but the dishes pile up every night.  Mum has learnt a few things- a touch of olive oil and vinegar on her salad make it better, she didn't hate marinated peppers but is still not tempted by olives.
Me - well I tried to give mum 4 cuddles this morning.   Mum thinks that I sit on her to try and convince her to stay home with her.  She says that would be great, but she has to go and earn the dollars.


  1. Oh! I don't know Poppy!x The dishes this week,
    have look nice, the one above looks 'good enough
    to eat' but, the proof is in the eating of course!
    I was raised on olive oil and garlic...both very
    good for you...and, tell Mum, to try plain olives
    those without the fillings, like garlic, peppers,
    etc..the ones with the stones in..!

    Now! If you were a dog Poppy!x (heaven forbid)....
    Mum could put the dishes on the floor, and they'd
    get licked clean...and put away! HeHe! :).

  2. My human makes a quinoa pilaf that she loves! She is not sure she would like quinoa in a meatloaf.

  3. I'd prefer da humans to always stay home too.

  4. I am so impressed at mums perseverance. Mind you she is a dab hand in the kitchen and copes admirably with strange dishes that I would have given up on long before. My bet is it will be . the dishes which will make her decide to go back to her own yummy recipes. Is there anyone alive that likes to do a pile of dishes at the end of a busy day.
    That is a smart trick poppy to sit on mum. One of these days she might give in and take a sickie😎.

  5. Poppy, dear, I'm enjoying your mum's kitchen adventures! The stack of dishes would annoy me, too. Perhaps she'd prefer a "cook for the week" on a weekend day project? It's a cold, wet autumn day here -- time to get out the slow cooker!

  6. Mum does not care for quinoa or olives. She sticks to what she likes.

  7. Waking up with numerous cats on my bed always makes me want to stay home.

  8. Our mum can'r develop a taste for quinoa and she hates olives. She eats a lot of prepared foods and is not a good cook. At all! She admires your mum.