Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Dinner

 Tonight mums dinner was a tasty lamb dish with honey roasted potatoes and carrots served with a cucumber/mint yogurt sauce.  There are leftovers for tomorrows lunch too.
I got to go outside again and rubbed the picnic table to soak up the scents. Intruders may have been round so I have to leave my smells there.

Mum has a pile of dishes to do and to hoover the carpet and then it will be time to relax.


  1. Oh! My! Food! HeHe! Nearly seven over here, and still
    dark...Back to bed for half hour, lemon tea, watch the
    news...! So Mums lovely dish has given me an appetite
    for breakfast...! In about an hour! :).

  2. Poppy you look so sweet. Make sure you keep all your property well marked.
    Mum has so many talents. I wish she could write a cook book. eg. How do you honey roast vegetables When I was 19 on the second week of my honeymoon I bought a cookbook and a Yates garden book. Trouble was the cookbook was American so I never really got the nack of cooking.

  3. Mum's food looks pretty tasty, Poppy. And good job marking up YOUR stuff!

  4. It's good to leave your scent everywhere, Poppy. Especially if you smell like your mum's dinner! I'll want to smell a lot of that.