Tuesday, November 28, 2017


 Tonight's tasty dinner was a pumpkin/courgette/cucumber beef salad that mum enjoyed.  She had a long day at work and went for a walk afterwards to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  It is  ice to not have to think about dinner, everything was all organized when she got home.

Last night there was a low sea fog that gave a spooky look to the night sky.  Mum was able to get these shots at 11pm.  She is trying her best to head to bed around 10pm.  Last night was a fail but she will try harder tonight.  Better luck tonight mum.


  1. oooO! A bit of good and bad to~day Poppy!x
    The food looks really good..Yum! Yum! :).
    But that sky looks really bad, though nice
    in a funny sort of way, looks like summat
    out of a horror film....! :(.

    Still dark over here..bad to bed with a lemon tea,
    be lighter at 7:30, then l'll be up and about,
    getting ready for the day...Sweet dreams you two! :).

  2. That looks like a huge amount of meat or is it just the close up. Is it a meal in a bag?Loved the photos. Nice and moody. Did it bring rain.we haven't had a drop for weeks now so it is spray on a different plot each evening.

  3. Poppy, dear, I agree with Willie: that sky looks like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are soon to appear. Cue the organ music!

  4. Great photos! Lots of mood , probably so exciting to see in person.
    Dinner for mum looks appealing. Why does everything your mum makes look so yummy and everything our mum makes look like something out of a prison cafeteria?

    1. Ha! Kari and I must be in the same correctional service…

  5. Such nice meals are being delivered. Do the portions arrive in different boxes, and your mum puts them together? The night looked very atmospheric, though if your mum was trying to get to bed by ten o’clock and she was still out at eleven, I would have to agree that the attempt was a failure last night. But I’m not one to talk…