Saturday, November 11, 2017


After a long 12 days in a row working mum was pleased to be able to sleep in.  She work up at 8 and 8.30am and still didn't get up until after 9am which felt good to her.  I came in and visited with her to remind her to get up several times.  It was a nice day outside so she washed clothes and sheets and opened up all the windows. 

In the afternoon she headed out to visit with a bestie.  They ate fried good and had a drink and went and saw Tulip Fever at the movies.  It was ok - just a 3/5 from mum.  She made her way home to me in time to rescue the washing and dish out my feast.  Now time for relaxing before bedtime.


  1. Try not to wake mum . She so needs her sleep.

  2. Ah! Pleased Mum could have a sleep in Poppy!x
    12 days in a row, that's quite a stint..!
    Hope she can relax over the weekend! :).

    Rainy weekend over here, getting colder on
    Monday, which is good, l hate the rain, nice
    crisp dry frosty morning for me, every time! :).

  3. 12 days in a row! How ever did your mum get such a schedule? Is this typical? Good God!
    We'll keep our fingers crossed there will be warm, fine weather and soft starry evenings for her to enjoy.

  4. Your mum must be exhausted after 12 days in a row. Glad she got a lie in, she deserves it.

  5. We hope your poor mum has more than a couple of days off to rest. When she has worked so hard it is important to let her sleep in a bit Poppy.

  6. that is a long working stint. She needs her rest.

  7. I slept in today (Sunday), Poppy. That's my day for laziness - at least until I wake and have to get things done. It's really the only day I get enough sleep. I hope your mum has more days off coming.