Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mumster Day

Mum had a bit of a nothing day today.  She had lots of plans - but didn't feel motivated to head out.  She wanted to not spend money and spent time with me instead.  We relaxed, she read and ate - I ate and slept.  All is good.

Maybe she will get out and about and see some more flowers tomorrow.


  1. What lovely flowers. Blue hydrangeas among my favourites. It's too hot to grow them where we are. A day doing nothing sounds perfect for you both .

  2. The flowers look lovely Poppy!x
    Mum certainly takes some nice photos..
    Especially of you...! :).
    Eating and sleeping...sounds good to me...! :0).

  3. Gorgeous hydrangeas! And what a lovely day. Sometimes you just need that relaxing down time. :-)

  4. Time with a kitty is always well spent, so your human had a worthwhile day!

  5. flowers are good and mum days are the best.

  6. That sounds like a good day to me. And the flowers match your blog's sideboard.