Saturday, November 25, 2017


 We both had chicken dinner today on Saturday.  I had mine from fancy feast and mum had roastie chicken with sweet potatoes and a pile of peas.

Mum took herself out today.  She had an unsettled  night and so got herself out in the fresh air.  She got a pile of magazines and sat and flicked through them at the library (and put them back on the shelf).  She walked to the market and had a wander.  Then time to come home and have a little nap with me.  Caturday bliss.

We hope you have had a lovely Caturday too and did something fun.


  1. HeHe! Loved the chicken and roasties Poppy!x
    And l love peas, half l eat off the plate...
    and..half l eat off the floor..why don't they
    grow square peas, then they would'nt roll all
    over the place..! :).

    Nearly mid~day over here..suns out, though still
    chilly..bit of washing out on the line, should dry
    o.k. Bit of lite lunch, out on the patio l think,
    with a light top coat to keep the cold out!

    Must get a few pheasants to see to, they had
    a shoot yesterday, so, l always get given a few every
    week...! I never say no..and l do like my game! :).

  2. Yum, yum. That looks too delicious. My biped made Irish stew with potatoes onions and peas and that was wonderful too. We only have one set of neighbours in the country and they are new. They
    left a heap of fresh eggs on our porch. When the biped took the container back they gave him a lot more. How about that for wonderful neighbours. We will be having fresh omelettes and lots of lovely eggs for ages. I think their kindness needs to go viral.

    1. Forgot to sat I loved the flowers I think they might be Japanese anenomes. They look like what we have. Sand so pleased mum sounded more cheerful. We all love you

  3. The chicken looks yummy! I have got a chicken, leek and mushroom casserole cooking in the oven for this evening.
    The flowers look pretty.