Friday, November 17, 2017

Summery Skies

There were pretty summery skies tonight.  I chilled out all day and slept on all corners of the bed.  I greeted mum as she came home as she was the carrier of the fancy feast.

Mum is working at the weekend so she made a simple supper - chicken and salad. She lit a couple of candles and put her feet up.  Her favorite type of Friday night.


  1. That's a lovely sky Poppy!x A bit pinky! :).
    At least Mum had time to sit down and put
    her feet up..l hope you put your paws up to! :0).

  2. Sweet Poppy if all you do is sleep and eat you are going to get to be very tubby. What sort of exercise can we get you to do ? If only there were mice in your garden.
    Mum does enough exercise for you both so her nice dinner and relaxing with candles sounds a perfect end to her day. I bet there was a book tucked in there somewhere as well.

  3. Mum's favorite is to put her feets up every day. Happy Weekend.

  4. What lovely photo of the sky. Our favourite Friday night too :)

  5. That looks like a lovely evening, and the pinkish sky brings hopes of another lovely day tomorrow.