Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Already

After our Sunday drama we needed a wee sleep in this morning.  Mum has a couple of evening shifts.  She got her meal deliveries for the week.  She made some Thai green curry turkey meatballs with a salad and jasmine coconut rice.  She did manage to burn the rice a bit and the meatballs are a bit too cooked, but it was all pretty tasty and she make this one again.

Mum has let me take prime position on the bed while she does the dishes and vacuums before she has to go to work.  Lucky mum.


  1. Mum prefers not to eat ground turkey, but your meatballs do sound interesting.

  2. Nearly seven over here Poppy!x
    Just having my first lemon tea of the day..
    Back to bed for half hour as it's still dark!
    mmmmmmM! Meatballs! :). Think l'll stick to my
    fry~up this morning! Bless!x

  3. That looks so delicious,mum could do photos for a cookbook. I just had a reheated mince pie for lunch but I think two people thought it had not been salted. So we spent the afternoon drinking lots of water. Don't feel like dinner so it's a no dishes day at this house.
    Wish you could see our garden. My biped follows instructions for watering. We have roses an jasmine and cherry trees in bloom. I always thought I should put up a sign for the bell birds to go to our Kowais The earthquakes sent them all away , poppy I think you would love our garden.

  4. What a convenience having food delivered. And the results look delicious.

  5. Tai carry chicken is better than me ;) Greettings !