Thursday, November 9, 2017


Mum was a bit late getting home tonight as there were things happening at work.  She was glad to get pit into the fresh air even though it is a slow climb back up the hill to our house.  She was glad to see me and always walks into the house and says Hello Baby to me.  I always meow back.


  1. Ah! Bless!x
    Is Mum still 'climbing' that hill, goodness!
    If l lived closer Poppy!x I've a skateboard
    up in the loft..she could have and use that!
    HeHe! :).

  2. Mums so lucky to have you at home and getting such a warm welcome. Hope there is something on TV you both enjoy. Me I am working my way. Through the Forsytha Saga again. It's great.

  3. It sounds as if she was glad to come home. I hope her next shift is better.

  4. We hope things get better for your mum at work. Just when you thing you've gotten it all wrapped up something happens close to shift change.

  5. Too bad your poor mum has to climb a big hill just to get home to you Poppy. But I bet the climb home is worth it just to see your dear face.

  6. Mum comes in the door and says, "Ducky, Mum is home" I wait for her to find me. Ha, she can come to me!