Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching.  So I am going shopping on the internets to find gifts that you might want to let your peoples know that you want.  We found these fantastic cardboard apartment/castle/tanks on ETSY from a seller from Bulgaria - Cacao Pets.  You might have to order early to get these in the post.

Poppy Q


  1. Oh! My! My! Poppy!x
    They look terrific..I do like the castle..
    Very smart, and the could shoot
    a few mousies with that! :).

    I'll sent this over to my daughter, as she
    has two pussy~cats..Louie and Az...!

  2. Poppy! These are SO cool. We love the tank and the modern style house the best. :)

  3. Are you going to put one of these on your wish list Poppy? They look a lot of fun but might take up a lot of room. Good luck for Christmas 😇

  4. It looks like Bulgaria is selling off some of its surplus military equipment. Ask for the tank, Poppy.