Thursday, April 5, 2018


We have had more spectacular autumn sunsets, and a spell of fine hot weather.  There are whisperings of bad weather heading our way soon though.  Better get all the washing done soon mum.


  1. Lovely skies Poppy!x Lovely!
    The suns out in all it's glory to~day,
    very warm, in double figures to~day, warmer
    than Spain to...I've a few things out on
    the line drying away, so, it's lunch out
    on the patio to...Lovely! :).

  2. This is my favourite time of the year. No too hot but warm and still. Whatching the leaves starting to change colour. We have a family of fan tails that are so friendly. They nested in our hedge. Now we no longer have a puddy tat for the first time in years we are getting birds back nesting. I think the rhrush has the most beautiful sound of all except for the bell bird. They come to our Kowai trees for the flowers.

  3. What a brilliant sky, Poppy. I’m glad your mum took photographs, because such skies don’t last long.

  4. beautiful photos Poppy. We are heading into hot weather again. 35C next week, believe it or not. Unless the forecast changes.