Monday, July 30, 2018

Fresh Airs

We have been so lucky to have some sunny days in the middle of winter.  It may be a touch chilly but mum does try to throw open the window for at least 10 minutes a day to air out the bedroom.

Mum is pleased that her staycation has started and we get a bit of a sleep in.  It did make her smile this morning as she walked into town.  A group of chaps were erecting some scaffolding on a local building.  They were all singing along to Adele on the radio - all the high notes from Hello!!!


  1. Yesterdays over night rain finally stopped this morning,
    lots of places in the country are flooded..l've just
    been out in the garden and straightened up my Virginia
    Creeper a bit, the rain and wind, blew it about a bit! :(.

    HeHe! Don't tell any one..but l've worn out the video on
    the previous it over and over..and it is the
    film Psycho, the pussy~cat is watching, l checked on line..
    Also there's another video of the same cat watching Chaisaw
    Massacre...and leaps away at the end..!
    Perhaps he should watch something Puss in Boots..! :).

  2. Hurrah for a staycation! We hope you both enjoy every minute of it!

  3. A little shy, a little sad and a little guilty. I 🤔—-What have you been getting up to Poppy?
    Anyway you look good enough to eat . Lucky mum getting a cuddle tonight. Some people have all the luck. But mum sure deserves it

  4. I'm glad you are getting some sun, Poppy!

  5. Hope you are having better weather then we are having. Glad to see that mom was able to get some fresh air into the house. We would have loved to hear them singing the Adele song. That was probably one for the ages. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful week.
    World of Animals

  6. Mum will open the window in our winter too, even with snow on the ground. Just to get some fresh air in the house now and then.

  7. Isn't it delightful not having to go to work? Not to worry about getting up early - or if you do, being able to go back to bed for a bit?