Saturday, November 4, 2017


 Mum has returned to her own cooking.  Steak , potatoes and greens.  She got taken out for lunch and had French toast with bacon and bananas.  Mum and her friend saw a movie.  Mum fell asleep a couple of times and woke up cos her friend was fast asleep and snoring.  Luckily there were only 8 people in the cinema - but they were the youngest in there.
I rolled around laughing when she told me that story.

To her credit mum was on  call last night and only got 2 hours sleep.

Have a fun Caturday my friends.


  1. HeHe! Made me chuckle to Poppy!x
    What was the name of the movie...
    'The Big Sleep'...Goodness! That's
    an old one..with Humphrey Bogart..! :).

  2. If it was the lack of sleep or a boring movie, but mum had a nice nap the other day too.

  3. trying to stay awake for a movie after only two hours' sleep is brave. Was the movie worth trying to stay awake for? If only humans were cats and could sleep when and where they wished.

  4. That steak looks scrumptious. I have a feeling that bag food was a ripoff. Poppy looks like she's been eating all your leftovers. That photo should be called roll polly poppy.
    Your lack of sleep sounds awful. Do you walk around feeling all lightheaded the next day?

  5. That is a very funny story, Poppy! We would have rolled around laughing, too1

  6. I'll have to check your mum's blog 'Read Like Me' to see what movie was so interesting!