Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Visitor

 So mum and I had a nice sleep in today.  She went into town as she has to get her phone fixed.  It is coming apart and overheating.   The man at the shop was vague if course, so mum thinks she will end up with some mega bill.   When she got home she made a couple of bins for her lunch.
She was attempting to tackle the kitchen chores, and had dishes soaking and things pulled out of the cupboards.  Needing a drink she was sitting in the living room when she heard some chirping.   Going back to the kitchen she didn't see anything, so carried on with the dishes.

When she finished them she turned around and realized that the bird was sitting on top of her packet of rolls.

So doors were closed and she was able to carry the rolls to the window so the bird could fly away.  Needless to say the little birdie left mum a present on the top of the rolls and the stove.  So lucky birdies will get all the rolls.

Oh and the reason the bird git in was mum was opening the window and dropped the latch so it had swung wide open and she couldn't close it.  She used her broom to swing it round, but that managed to break the broom head off.  So she had to use the mop - success.


  1. That was a surprise visitor! He should have asked where the toilet was. Geez!

  2. HaHa! What a lovely story Poppy!x And, leaving
    Mum a little prezzie! Bless!x
    The bird looks like a starling...I expect you've
    got them over there to!
    They are nosy things, stick their beaks into any
    thing...HeHe! Like pussy~cats really....! :).
    Did the bird get butter and jam on his roll....!!! :).

  3. Isn't it fun when something really unusual happens. Like a little adventure in the middle of mundane. Pity about the rolls though. They looked promising.😥

  4. Never a dull moment for you poor mum, eh?

  5. Poppy, dear, as we understand it, your mum anticipates a big bill to repair her phone, had a bird poop on her rolls, and broke the head off a broom "while attempting to tackle kitchen chores". This might be a good time to go under the bed and stay there.

  6. That wasn't very nice of the bird to poop on your mum's rolls. Did you invite him in to join you for Sunday lunch?

  7. A complicated operation to cose the window. How did you feel about the bird in your home, Poppy?

  8. If the bill to fix it is too high, might be better to get a new one.

  9. Wow, that was a dramatic visitor, Poppy and Mum. Sorry to hear about the rolls going to the birds!