Friday, September 8, 2017

Finally Friday

Hi friends we finally got a photo posted.  Mums shifts are over, and she has the weekend off but has to go to a 'study day' tomorrow.   For 5 hours unpaid.  Oh well.

So our fun Friday night is all about the chores.  Mum needs to hoover and tidy and wash her uniforms.   Yippee.   Luckily she has a pile of leftovers to eat.  Me - well I enjoyed my feast tonight as I was hungry.

We hope your Friday is going well with no dramas.  The news is filled with storms and earthquakes and the most boring of all - our upcoming elections.

Have fun!!


  1. Who is that lovely pussy~cat...?
    Goodness! Is'nt she lovely...!
    Poppy! Poppy! No! Is it Poppy!x
    HeHe! Bless!

    The days just started over here Poppy!x
    I'm off down town...sunshine with scattered
    showers to~day, so best take a brolly! I do
    look forward to my morning coffee at Costa! :).

  2. So lovely to see you again poppy. Ouch to 5 hours unpaid. How I agree with boring election news. Thankgoodness for iPad and some good films to watch. I bet you can't wait for summer poppy. See you tomorrow.

  3. Unpaid? Seriously? Boy, that's not exactly fair, is it. Hope there's good snacks or lunch there, FREE.

    Glad to see Blogger is behaving once more. Take care!

  4. Poppy, dear, let us hope the study room chairs are comfy; the snacks, delicious; and the speakers, fascinating. "Boring" would be welcome news here -- we've hurricanes on our horizons!

  5. It's good to see you again, Poppy. Tell your mum that my Friday is a day for chores, too. I clean the apartment in the evening, so I can have Saturday and Sunday free - to do other chores.

  6. Happy to see your lovely face Miss P. After our elections, we don't wanna hear about elections!