Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter Everyone

We want to say happy Easter to all of our friends.  Mum was looking at old photos and found this one of me that she liked from several years ago.  Today was quiet like other days, they all seem to blend into one.  Of course mum has to work tomorrow, and this evening it is windy and wet outside making it difficult for her to get to sleep early.

Mum didn't have any Easter eggs today.  She still has a choc bunny left over from last year and did not feel the need to purchase any more chocolate as she has a large stash put away in the cupboard anyway.  I got a few more temptations tonight, but that may have been because I have been very loud and pestering mum.  She did give in and let me have my fancy feast dinner at 3.30pm which is very early, but as the evenings are getting darker earlier and earlier I am just resetting my internal clock.

We hope you all got some treats today.


  1. Poppy, dear, you're a fortunate kitty to have your own patch of greenspace. My two feline housemates are limited to lounging in big open windows behind screens and wooden grills. Do wish our local cattery boarding facility offered a catio option!

  2. I've just had early lunch out on the
    patio..Bunny rabbit to~day..well, it
    is Easter and all that..HeHe! :).
    I thoroughly enjoyed it..Even if l say
    so myself..just half a bottle of wine,
    l'll finish the rest at tea time..!
    I'm gonna settle down at two o'clock
    and watch 'Death On The Nile' with Peter
    Ustinov' One of my favourites..
    Phoning my daughter to~night for a good
    old chin wag..! :).

  3. happy Easter to you Poppy and your mum. Hope she did have a good Sunday with
    you, as by now she is getting ready for Monday work. My Easter just started

  4. We love this photo of you, too. Happy Easter, Poppy and Mum!

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  6. That's a very good image of you, Poppy. That'd be a favourite of mine. I like how your mum has a 'large stash' of chocolate. I envy her!

    Happy Easter to both of you, and may this be the worst one any of us has to endure.

  7. I'm purring for your human to stay safe when she goes in to work.

  8. Happy Easter. Stay well, both of you.